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About UOSolar

UOSolar is an international high-tech company specialized in solar hybrid and off grid fields, main business scope covers R&D, system integration, project development, engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance. Providing customized turnkey solutions for solar hybrid and off-grid projects all over the world, widely used in different fields including residential & commercial, industrial power, island and etc. Our aim is to supply clean and sustainable power to industrial and individual users at isolated islands and remote undeveloped areas.

UOSolar Solutions

The combination of PV, BESS, Wind, Hydro, Diesel generators offers all the advantages of the respective systems while eliminating their possible weaknesses: Solar electricity is comparatively cheap and creates almost no maintenance costs. Yet, its availability is limited to the daytime (as long as no storage devices are implemented). Diesel generators offer power all around the clock, but inevitably drive costs up.

However, the key to tapping the enormous potential of hybrid solutions is an advanced intelligent management of the power sources involved: The UOSolar Hybrid System operates on an intelligent control unit which ensures that as much PV-energy as possible is used and still keeps the genset in its optimum working range. In this manner, UOSolar Hybrid System offers all the benefits of a hybrid system.

Case Study

Solar off grid system

Consists of: -PV Array -MPPT solar module -Battery. Features: -High reliability -low maintenance job -Moderate System cost -long duty life.

Solar Wind Hybrid system

Consists of -Solar Array & Wind Turbine -MPPT solar module, Wind module -battery Features -Anti-Continuous No-Sun days -increase system reliability -Cost is little bit higher than solar system -Turbine needs precious service

Solar diesel hybrid system

Consist of -PV Array -Auto start D.G -MPPT solar module -D.G module -Battery Features -Anti-Continuous No-Sun days -increase system reliability -365 days on line -Best hybrid system for solar

Solar wind diesel hybrid system

Consist of -Solar Array, Wind turbine, Auto start D.G -MPPT solar module, Wind module, D.G module -battery Features -Anti-Continuous No-Sun days -increase system reliability -365 days on line -Higher Cost

Solar water pump

Solar pumping system using the infinite energy from the sun, provides a renewable energy solution based on cost-effectiveness advantages. It can be quickly constructed, without power infrastructure and energy storage battery device. The system operates automatically and intelligently, reducing the cost of manual management and maintenance. It could be widely used in daily use (ground water), agricultural irrigation, forestry irrigation, desert control, livestock drinking, pasture animal husbandry, water supply for islands, wastewater treatment engineering, and so on.

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